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    Located in Springfield, Illinois, we serve clients throughout Decatur, Jacksonville and surrounding Central Illinois communities.

    Have you been in a car accident? Have you sustained injuries that have caused you to miss work and put your ability to pay bills in jeopardy? Car accidents can cause physical and emotional damage for years to come, and you may be entitled to compensation if you’ve been injured in an accident due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence. The Bucklin Law Office assists victims of car accidents with legal counsel that will help them fight for compensation to cover medical care and treatments, physical and emotional pain, wrongful death and more.

  • Common Car Accident Injuries

    There’s no preparing for the stress that your family will undergo when someone is injured by another driver. It could affect your ability to make money, pay bills, participate with childcare and more – the physical injuries can affect your life for years to come. With this in mind, the Bucklin Law Office fights for car accident victims that have sustained physical injuries. We have the experience to pursue compensation for all sorts of injuries, but these are the most common:

    • Whiplash
    • Neck & Back Injuries
    • Joint Injuries
    • Knee, Elbow & Shoulder Injuries
    • Fractured Bones
    • Ruptured Organs
    • Brain Injuries
    • Ocular Injuries
  • Please contact our staff for more details regarding a specific injury not listed above.

  • Emotional Effects of Car Accidents

    When you’re injured in a car accident, many times, you’re not thinking about your emotional well-being. Immediately, it becomes a race to secure funding for food, utilities, mortgage payments, and more. However, some of the harshest effects of car accidents are the emotional scars that they leave on victims, causing them to experience PTSD, night terrors, and other frightening symptoms. The Bucklin Law Office is sensitive to car accident victims, and we’ll fight to pursue any compensation you’re entitled to under the law.