• Seeking Legal Justice for Hit and Run Victims Throughout Central Illinois

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    Have you sustained injuries from a driver that chose to flee the scene of an accident? While unfortunate, people are seriously injured every year by drivers that choose to run from the law for any number of reasons. The victims of these injuries deal with the physical and emotional pain of the accident for years to come. Bucklin Law Office may be able to pursue compensation for those that have been victims of hit and run accidents. However, you must follow the right steps to ensure yourself the best shot at collecting compensation.

  • What to Do When You Experience a Hit and Run

    If you’re the victim of a hit and run, here are the steps that you should take to ensure yourself the best chance at collecting compensation.

    • Pull the vehicle to the side of the road and out of traffic. (if possible or necessary)
    • Call the police immediately, and have them come to the scene to file a police report.
    • Take pictures of the vehicle, including the impact area and any damage to the inside or outside of the vehicle.
    • Take pictures of the accident site as a whole, the road, any debris that flew out of the car, any physical damage done to the land, etc.
    • Make a written memory of everything that you can remember from the accident, especially any known details of the other driver (car make & model, color, license plates, etc.)
    • Locate and contact witnesses, and ask them to write down their stories and contact information to corroborate the details of your recollection.
    • Contact your insurance company to file a claim. The specific coverage will determine the next steps.
  • Why Do Drivers Hit and Run?

    During the time that you’re recovering from injuries, you’ll have a lot of time to relive the accident and wonder why the other driver decided to take off. Unfortunately, many times, drivers are put in positions where they think they have no good decisions to make. Because of the threat of legal action by you, your insurance company or the police, they drive off, hoping there’s no evidence to trace to them. Here are just some of the reasons many drivers make this mistake every year:

    • They have an active warrant for their arrest.
    • They don’t have insurance.
    • They fear prosecution by you or the insurance company.
    • They have been using drugs or alcohol.
    • Their immigration status is in question.
    • They’re driving on a suspended license.