• Honest, Determined Personal Injury Attorney in Central Illinois

    Attorney Bradford C. Bucklin understands the challenges associated with sustaining a personal injury due to the fault of someone else. In fact, he devotes his practice to providing legal assistance to those with personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Based in Springfield, Illinois, Mr. Bucklin provides legal representation for people all over Central Illinois. With honesty, determination, and an approach tailored to the specifics of your case. He will personally walk you through the process. Schedule a free consultation with Bradford C. Bucklin if you have been injured and think you have a claim.

    Experienced Legal Representation for Accidents & Injuries

    Automobile Accidents
    Bradford C. Bucklin represents clients involved with automobile injuries of all sorts. When it comes to car accidents, there are limits to how long after a collision you may file a claim. While the law may entitle you to compensation for your injuries, waiting could be detrimental to the success of your case. You only have 2 years to seek damages for an injury sustained in an accident, but there may be exceptions. Getting help right away is the first step.

    Trucks & Motorcycles
    Bradford C. Bucklin has represented people regarding fatal and non-fatal crashes involving cars, trucks and motorcycles, both the drivers and passengers of cars and trucks.  Such cases often involve unique situations, expert witnesses, and complex laws that require experienced legal counsel and he can help you through the litigation process.

    Wrongful Death Claims
    Bradford C. Bucklin has represented people in wrongful death claims involving single and multiple deaths from car, truck, motorcycle and train accidents. Wrongful death claims are also complex claims involving unique laws that require experienced counsel.

    Legal Assistance with Workers’ Compensation Claims in Central IL

    Under Illinois law, business owners must retain workers’ comp insurance for the benefits of their employees. Insurance companies pay the benefits whenever a worker submits a claim. Additionally, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) enforces the state laws and decides what benefits employees are entitled to.  Furthermore, benefits received from a claim are paid after three days of work are missed at the rate of 66.66% of your weekly earnings. Finally, any permanent disfigurement due to an accident may be compensated with up to 162 weeks of pay at 60% your weekly rate. Consult with your attorney for more details about filing claims.

    Filing Workers’ Comp Claims & The 45-Day Rule
    In the State of Illinois, those wishing to file workers’ comp claims must notify their employers regarding the accident within 45 days of the occurrence of the injury, and must file the case within 3 years. Waiting longer to do either may forfeit your right to collect compensation for your injuries. Tell your employer about your injury as soon as it happens, preferably in writing. By law, they must provide a list of approved physicians and notify their insurance company to start the claims process. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Illnesses which develop slowly, and with increasing severity, may be accepted as exceptions to the 45-day filing requirement; as long as the ailment is job-related and debilitating. Upon rejection of any workers’ comp claim, an appeal may be filed with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Ultimately, they will reject or approve your claim.