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Personal Injury

When you’ve been injured in a car accident or are a victim of medical malpractice, Bucklin Law Office has over 35 years of experience representing personal injury cases.

Workers’ Compensation

If you suffered an accident while working, Bucklin Law Office is here to represent your workers’ compensation case. File your claim with our Decatur, IL attorney.

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Get the representation you deserve. Bradford Bucklin is a leading attorney in Decatur, IL that has been helping clients receive compensation for their injury claims.

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Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for your Accident Claim in Decatur IL

Have you been injured at the fault of someone else? At Bucklin Law Office, we provide personal injury representation for individuals in Decatur, IL and the surrounding areas. As a locally-owned and operated practice, our legal team takes pride in offering legal services that help victims in the local community receive compensation. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or were involved in a slip and fall incident, Bradford Bucklin is an experienced attorney that you can trust to handle your claims. Get help with personal injury cases from a local legal professional with the skills and experience to fight for your rights. We offer free initial consultations for personal injury cases; schedule yours with a team member today.

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personal injury attorney decatur illinois

Personal Injury Attorney
Decatur IL

Those in Decatur, Illinois know to contact Bucklin Law Office when they need help with their personal injury claims. Bradford Bucklin is the representing attorney that offers in-person consultations to discuss the details of your case to make sure it can hold up in a court case. Personal injury claims may be filed for all injuries sustained outside of the workplace where someone else was negligent or otherwise at fault. Many victims can suffer for months or even years in recovery from their injuries, costing thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages that affect the entire family. Our legal office has decades of experience as a personal injury attorney and will help file your claim to receive long-term or short-term compensation for your injuries. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation at our office in Decatur, IL.

DUI Attorney
Decatur IL

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a drunk driver, you are entitled to compensation. Don’t let the recklessness of another damage your quality of life and ability to provide for your family – hire Bucklin Law Office as your DUI attorney to fight for entitled compensation. Our legal team understands the significance of drunk driving cases and how resulting damages can affect those for years to come. Bradford Bucklin has worked with insurance companies and clients for over 35 years, making him highly qualified to represent your case as a DUI attorney. We believe that victims deserve compensation for their emotional and physical injuries; let us fight for you with a client-centered approach that focuses on helping you receive maximum benefits for your pain and suffering.

dui attorney attorney decatur il
wrongful death attorney decatur illinois

Wrongful Death Attorney
Decatur IL

Bucklin Law Office is the number one choice for families that need representation in a wrongful death case. When your loved one suffers fatal injuries, the emotional and financial impact can be unbearable. Although financial compensation cannot compensate for your tremendous loss, our wrongful death attorney is here to fight for maximum compensation to aid in funeral services and loss of wages. Bradford Bucklin is an experienced attorney representing wrongful death cases for over 35 years in the Decatur, IL area. If you are a spouse, child, or beneficiary of the victim, you may be entitled to long-term compensation for your loss. Reach out to Bucklin Law Office to schedule a free consultation and start your wrongful death case.

Personal Injury vs. Workers’ Compensation

If you are unfamiliar with legal processes, distinguishing the type of claim you need to file can be confusing and stressful. Many of our clients in Decatur, IL come to us for legal advice on personal injury and workers’ compensation claims to receive rightful compensation for their injuries. A personal injury case is opened when a victim experiences mental, physical, or emotional injuries caused by the negligence of another outside of their workplace. A workers’ compensation claim only reflects injuries that happen while on the job and must negotiate compensation with their employer’s insurance company. Whether you need to file a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, Bucklin Law Office is the number one choice for clients in Central Illinois.

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Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Decatur IL

Choosing a personal injury attorney is often the only way to ensure you obtain the most compensation for your injuries. At Bucklin Law Office, we understand that physical or emotional damage inflicted by another person may have long-term consequences for your quality of life. Don’t take on your case alone; instead, contact an experienced and devoted lawyer to fight for your rights while you concentrate on your rehabilitation. Our Decatur, IL legal team is here to enlighten our clients on the step-by-step procedure required to resolve their personal injury cases. Allow us to carry the legal burden for you and your family by fighting for justice and well-deserved compensation. When you choose Bradford Bucklin as your personal injury attorney, you will gain the following: