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Knee, Shoulder, & Joint Lawyer for Compensation in Springfield IL

When it comes to the daily grind of a full-time job, you need to feel your best to perform your best. Unfortunately, knee, shoulder, and joint pain can hold us back at work, quickly affecting not only your performance on the job but in your personal life as well. These injuries can cause long-lasting and even permanent issues that require medical treatments and continued time off work. If you are experiencing continued knee, shoulder, or joint pain, you may have a workers’ compensation case that could provide compensation. When you need an experienced attorney, Bucklin Law Office has over three decades of experience serving clients in Springfield, IL. Regardless of your work environment, there are always possibilities of injuring a knee, shoulder, or joint that prevents you from working. For a free consultation on your workers’ compensation claim, contact our office today.

Knee, Shoulder, & Joint Attorney

Whether you’re a long-haul driver, factory worker, or construction laborer, performing vigorous duties can cause knee, shoulder, or joint pain that quickly becomes unbearable. Fortunately, our attorney at Bucklin Law Office has served decades as a knee, shoulder, and joint lawyer for workers’ compensation cases in Central Illinois. If you were injured at work or had been managing a slow-growing pain, our legal team will file a claim to help you receive compensation. Not only will we work with insurance companies to find fault that constitutes benefit pay-out, but we will pursue any third-party liability to help you get maximum benefits for your pain and suffering. To schedule a consultation with our knee, shoulder, and joint attorney, contact Bradford Bucklin in Springfield, IL.

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Common Workplace Knee, Shoulder, & Joint Injuries

Knee, shoulder, and joint injuries are among the most common across various industries. From lifting heavy boxes to slouching in an office chair for several hours a day, most occupations can cause physical difficulties after years of stress and overuse. Due to the widespread nature of these injuries, they can occur in many forms and may cause workers to lose time, wages, and the ability to support the needs of their families. Luckily, Bucklin Law Office understands the nature of these injuries and what it will take for you to file your workers’ compensation claim from start to finish. You are eligible for financial compensation if you experience these common workplace injuries:

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Workers’ Compensation for Knee, Shoulder, & Joint Injuries

Knee, shoulder, and joint injuries are the most common and often most debilitating injuries one can sustain while working. Often, these injuries are played off as a “sprain” or “temporary pain”, tricking employees into thinking they can continue working without treatment. Very quickly, these injuries can worsen, forcing you to take time from your work and personal life to recover. When this happens, Bucklin Law Office is waiting to help you file a workers’ compensation claim for entitled benefits. Avoid paying thousands of dollars in medical bills and support your family with legal services from our knee, shoulder, and joint attorney, Bradford Bucklin. With decades of experience handling worker’s compensation claims, you can trust our staff to file paperwork, negotiate benefits with insurance companies, find medical treatment, and protect your rights as a worker every step of the way.

Careers That Are Common for Knee, Shoulder, & Joint Injuries

Many factors cause your knees, shoulders, and joints to feel pain and inflammation. However, certain industries are notorious for causing injury to these specific areas of the body. At our legal office in Springfield, IL, Bradford Bucklin has seen hundreds of knee, shoulder, and joint cases that are caused due to negligent working conditions with minimal rest. For workers that can no longer fulfill their daily needs or career due to pain in their joints, Bucklin Law Office is ready to represent them in a case for financial compensation. File your workers’ compensation claim with our office if you are experiencing pain caused by any of these professions:

We Make Sure Injured Workers Are Protected

Your employers are required by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage for any employees injured while on the job. If you have experienced an accident resulting in knee, shoulder, or joint pain, contact Bucklin Law Office for legal representation. We help clients file their workers’ compensation claims to receive benefits that pay for their medical bills, time off work, out-of-pocket expenses, and more. Joint-related injuries can cause permanent pain and discomfort, making it impossible to work full-time while providing for your family. To start your claim process, reach out to our staff in Springfield, IL.

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