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There are two types of permanent disabilities that can be claimed for compensation: partial or total. At Bucklin Law Office, our attorney has decades of experience working with total permanent disability clients, which, unfortunately, is the most common type of workplace and personal injury disability. While this does not always refer to the physical or mental incapacity of a victim, it means that such an individual cannot return to work, now or ever. When an injury results in permanently affects someone’s wage-earning capacity, there must be some form of compensation to make up for lost wages and medical treatment. Total disability affects more than just your ability to work – it involves your family and overall quality of life. File a claim with our attorney to receive compensation for your injuries.

Total Permanent Disability Attorney

Suffering an injury that results in permanent disability is a life-changing event that negatively impacts the victim and their family. If a work or personal injury accident has left your loved one unable to work or live a quality life, you are entitled to compensation from those at fault. Many jobs involve heavy equipment, chemicals, and other hazardous tasks that can harm an individual subjected to negligent coworkers or environments. If a work injury has caused you to lose the ability to perform your job and provide for your family, you may be deemed eligible for permanent total disability payments. This means that you can receive compensation for medical treatment, physical therapy, lost wages, and overall pain and suffering for life. Schedule an initial consultation with our total permanent disability attorney to file a claim.

total permanent disability attorney springfield illinois
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Temporary vs. Permanent Disability

When it comes to workers’ compensation and injury law, things can get confusing, especially when it comes to disability. Temporary and permanent disability have two very different legal definitions that are considered when seeking compensation for damages. Temporary disability means that your injuries are not expected to cost you the ability to do your job – you’ll be able to resume regular job responsibilities in a reasonable period of time as recommended by a physician. This is paid at 2/3 of your pre-injury average weekly wage. Whereas permanent disability is when you lose the ability to perform your essential job duties and can no longer work a ‘normal’ job, resulting in lost wages for your family. For this, you will receive payments for a predetermined amount that’s based on the number of hours that you work and how much money you earn.

What Constitutes a Total Permanent Disability?

It may be difficult to imagine what kind of injury would constitute a permanent disability. These injuries are often unpleasant to think about due to their severity and can cause even more mental and physical stress for family members and victims. Many jobs involving heavy machinery, harsh chemicals, and hazardous job sites are more likely to have disability claims that result in permanent injuries. If you or a family member has experienced a workplace or personal injury resulting in permanent disability, contact Bucklin Law Office in Springfield, IL. Injuries that are approved for permanent disability compensation include:

Workers’ Compensation for Total Permanent Disability

If you have lost the ability to utilize parts of your body due to a work injury, Bucklin Law Office in Springfield, IL is the leading attorney’s office for workers’ compensation representation. Our legal expert, Bradford Bucklin, has provided legal assistance for cases that include total permanent disability injuries since 1987. Many serious work injuries involve damage to the spine, brain, or other vital areas of the body that result in permanent disability. If this is the case for you or a loved one, it’s important to file a workers’ compensation claim with an attorney that knows the law and your rights to compensation.  Let our team represent your case to provide financial relief to your family; schedule a free consultation today.

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How Bucklin Law Office Can Help with Your Disability Case

Attorneys have years of experience filing claims for injured persons that have suffered permanent damage from workplace accidents. At Bucklin Law Office, our disability attorney can help you file for SSDI and SSI benefits that will pay a percentage of your wages for a long period of time or permanently depending on your injuries. Victims seeking legal representation are much more likely to receive maximum benefits and stress-free legal procedures than if they were to file a claim on their own. To receive help filing your claim and get instant legal advice, reach out to Bradford Bucklin’s office in Springfield, IL for assistance with your total permanent disability case.