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Get Legal Representation for Your Work Injury Scars in Springfield IL

Experiencing a work-related injury can be physically traumatizing If these injuries result in permanent skin scaring, these visual reminders can cause serious mental distress. When you’re left with burns, scars, or disfigurements, Bucklin Law Office is here to represent your case and ensure you receive entitled compensation. Emotional stress can be just as damaging as physical injuries, producing anxiety, depression, and other debilitating disorders caused by a workplace accident. Our attorney has over 35 years of experience representing workers’ compensation cases that focus on the damage caused by scars and disfigurement. We fight for our clients in Central Illinois to ensure they receive compensation for their injuries.

Work Injury Scars Attorney

As an attorney with over 35 years of experience in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, Bradford Bucklin is highly qualified to represent your case in Springfield, IL.  Experiencing a work injury can be physically and mentally debilitating, leaving victims severely injured and unable to work or pay for medical treatment. Our legal team is dedicated to representing your workers’ compensation claim and will negotiate benefits with your employer and the insurance company to ensure approval. Don’t wait until it’s too late – report your injury within 45 days to your employer and immediately contact our legal team to file your claim.

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The Most Common Causes of Scars & Disfigurement

When experiencing a work-related injury, it is common to have permanent scarring during the recovery process. Unfortunately, these marks can not only disfigure your appearance, but they can alter your mental and physical health well have you have healed. Bucklin Law Office has seen hundreds of workers’ compensation cases that award compensation for scars and disfigurement. If you work for an industry that is particularly hazardous or deals with harmful tools and chemicals, you may be more likely to become exposed to the following accidents causing scars or disfigurement:

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How to Deal with Work Injury Scars

Living with visible scars or disfigurement on your body can greatly harm your mental and physical health. They remind you constantly of your accident and cause trauma that takes years of recovery to restore. At Bucklin Law Office, we help scar victims deal with work injuries through financial compensation. Whether you need time off for physical therapy and surgeries or require emotional assistance to come to terms with your scars, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Dealing with work injury scars can be a long process, requiring months and even years to become comfortable in your skin. Bradford Bucklin is a renowned attorney in Springfield, IL that provides representation and legal assistance for victims with scars or disfiguration caused by a work accident.

Common Industries Responsible for Causing Work Injury Scarring

It’s no surprise that some industries are far more hazardous than others. With these environments also comes a greater chance for work injuries that cause heavy scarring and disfigurement. If you were injured at work and have undergone surgeries that left behind permanent scars, you may be entitled to compensation. Just like any other injury, scars are considered emotionally damaging for those that are permanently disfigured. With these injuries can come painful physical therapy and emotional trauma that must be compensated by an employer if such an injury occurs in the workplace. Some of the most common industries that can be responsible for creating work injury scarring include:

Get Workers’ Compensation for Your Work Injury Scars

If you were injured while on the job, be sure to contact an experienced attorney once you have notified your employer. When severe accidents occur, surgery and or stitches are often required, leaving behind permanent scarring that creates physical and mental distress for victims. At Bucklin Law Office, we have over three decades of experience representing clients in Springfield, IL for workers’ compensation cases that involve scarring and disfigurement. Having dependable representation is essential to settling your case and receiving entitled compensation for lost wages and suffering. Our clients are extremely important to us, as well as the success of their cases, which is why we never accept payment until your claim is approved. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case regarding disfigurement from a work injury.