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Have you or a family member been injured by a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are too common in Illinois and can result in serious or fatal injuries for one or multiple persons involved. Intoxication can cause drivers to swerve, react slowly, or even fall asleep at the wheel, decisions that cause long-lasting damage to victims. If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, it’s important to work with an experienced law firm that can fight for the compensation you are entitled to receive under the law. Bucklin Law Office represents those that have been affected by a drunk driver in Central Illinois.

DUI Attorney

According to the State of Illinois, approximately 25 percent of Illinois crash fatalities are due to drunk driving. There’s no excuse for those that get behind the wheel when intoxicated, which is why our attorney aggressively fights for car accident victims that were hit by a drunk drivers. If you’ve been injured or a family member has been killed due to a drunk driver, Bucklin Law Office is the #1 choice for clients and their families when seeking justice and financial compensation. As a DUI attorney, Bradford Bucklin will investigate each claim in your case and work with insurance companies and medical experts to determine who is at fault and how much compensation you deserve for your injuries. Reach out to our team to schedule a free consultation to discuss your DUI accident claim.

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Legal Compensation for Drunk Driving Victims

There’s a reason that drunk driving is illegal – it makes the roads incredibly dangerous and often results in car accidents that leave victims in critical condition. If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver, you likely experienced severe physical injuries and emotional scars that could result in PTSD, night terrors, and other serious mental difficulties. Financial compensation will help pay for your medical bills, treatment, and any loss of wages that resulted in being off of work for injuries. Bucklin Law Office fights for drunk driving victims and can help you win compensation for the following:

Why Choose Bucklin Law Office for Your DUI Case?

When it comes to DUI lawsuits for car accident victims, Bucklin Law Office has the experience and determination to fight for clients’ rights to compensation. With over 35 years as a legal representative, Bradford Bucklin has served residents in Springfield, IL and won cases involving drunk drivers. But why choose us over another legal firm? As a locally owned business, we treat every one of our clients like family and give our full attention to each case until you receive the benefits you deserve. Don’t live in fear of financial instability and decreased quality of life; rely on Bucklin Law Office for your DUI case, and we’ll guarantee the following benefits:

Drunk Driving Statistics for 2020

In the state of Illinois, drunk driving accents are only of the most prominent causes for vehicle accidents that end in injuries and death. At Bucklin Law Office, our legal experts have put together a list of recently released statistics that were recorded in 2020 and released by the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, in the 2022 DUI Fact Book. Click the following link to read the full version.

  • 254 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes, approx. 21% of all crash fatalities.
  • 20,131 DUI arrests were recorded by the Secretary of State’s Office.
  • 90% of all drivers arrested for a DUI lost their driving privileges.
  • In 2020, 25% of total DUI arrests were women.
  • Males aged 21-24 had the highest recorded DUI arrest rate.
  • 86% of all drivers arrested for a DUI are first offenders.
  • 244 drivers convicted of a DUI were under 21 and lost their driving privileges.
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